Friday, April 21, 2006

Security for Instant Messaging Still Lags Behind E-Mail

E-mail still takes priority over instant messaging (IM) when it comes to corporate security, according to a poll conducted by Akonix Systems, Inc., a provider of solutions for ensuring security, compliance, and enablement for employee use of IM.

In a poll of more than 100 organizations, only 11 percent reported having IM hygiene solutions in place, compared to 73 percent with e-mail hygiene. Almost 50 percent of respondents replied that "an IM hygiene solution never crossed my mind." According to Akonix, this gap between the security applied to e-mail and that applied to IM is alarming because 47 percent of respondents indicated that the e-mail/messaging organization has responsibility for securing both e-mail and instant messaging. The results show that many corporate information technology organizations have left gaping holes in the defense of their networks and systems by failing to address new threats in a timely fashion.


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