Friday, April 21, 2006

Security for Instant Messaging Still Lags Behind E-Mail

E-mail still takes priority over instant messaging (IM) when it comes to corporate security, according to a poll conducted by Akonix Systems, Inc., a provider of solutions for ensuring security, compliance, and enablement for employee use of IM.

In a poll of more than 100 organizations, only 11 percent reported having IM hygiene solutions in place, compared to 73 percent with e-mail hygiene. Almost 50 percent of respondents replied that "an IM hygiene solution never crossed my mind." According to Akonix, this gap between the security applied to e-mail and that applied to IM is alarming because 47 percent of respondents indicated that the e-mail/messaging organization has responsibility for securing both e-mail and instant messaging. The results show that many corporate information technology organizations have left gaping holes in the defense of their networks and systems by failing to address new threats in a timely fashion.

Novell Acquires e-Security

Novell acquired e-Security to fulfill a mission to deliver security and compliance activities across the enterprise.

On April 19, 2006, Novell acquired e-Security, Inc., to deliver security and compliance activities across the enterprise. e-Security brings with it Sentinel 5, which lets Novell add a real-time view of security and compliance activities to its identity and systems management expertise. Focused on delivering infrastructure for more comprehensive security and event monitoring, with e-Security, Novell can provide real-time event monitoring, response, and reporting capabilities, as well as streamline workflow and ensure data accuracy.
With a comprehensive view of user, network, and application events, customers can now streamline a previously labor-intensive and error-prone process, cut costs through automation, and build a more predictable security and compliance monitoring program.Novell plans to make the next version of the Novell and e-Security solution in Summer 2006.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What to look for in a digital camera.

When choosing a digital camera it is important to keep in mind what you intend to use it for. If you are looking for a digital camera to replace your conventional camera, then you may want to spend a bit more so you can get good quality prints (see resolution below). If you will be viewing your photos mainly on your PC, and not printing off large prints, then most cheap digital cameras should suffice, although there are other things to consider.

Digital Camera Resolution (Amount of Pixels) (MegaPixels)
Digital cameras are advertised as having a certain resolution (amount of pixels or MegaPixels), this directly relates to the quality of the photos that can be taken and then printed. The higher the amount of pixels a camera supports, the sharper the image. If you intend to enlarge your photos, rather than just look at them on your PC, then you will want a camera with a higher resolution. Digital camera resolutions start off at around 1 million pixels (1 MegaPixel), and reach 7 million or higher. A lot of digital cameras allow you to change the resolution before taking pictures. The smallest resolution settings are around 640x480 or 1024x768 pixels. As larger resolution photos take up more space (and more battery power when storing) it can be advantageous to be able to select the resolution yourself. If you think you may want to enlarge your photos (large prints), then before you take your pictures, check that the camera is at a high resolution setting.

Firefox Ver 1.5

The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever. Browse the Web with confidence - Firefox protects you from viruses, spyware and pop-ups. Enjoy improvements to performance, ease of use and privacy. It's easy to import your favorites and settings and get started. Download Firefox now and get the most out of the Web.

A Better Web Experience
Firefox 1.5 has an intuitive interface and blocks viruses, spyware, and popup ads. It delivers Web pages faster than ever. And it’s easy to install and import your favorites. Packed with useful features like tabbed browsing, Live Bookmarks, and an integrated Search bar, Firefox will change the way you experience the Web, for the better.

Faster Browsing
Enjoy quick page loading as you navigate back and forward in a browsing session. Improvements to the engine that powers Firefox deliver more accurate display of complex Web sites, support for new Web standards, and better overall performance.

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Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons

From now on, customers looking to get the latest add-ons to Windows will have to verify that their copy of the operating system is legit.

Beginning Tuesday, (April 18th, 2006) the piracy check will be mandatory for all customers worldwide who want to download add-ons for Windows XP.

The only exception is for security-related patches. Regardless of whether a system passes the test, security updates will be available to all Windows users via either manual download or automatic update. The Microsoft Update and Windows Update utilities, which provide notifications of new patches, will require validation.

Internet Explorer 7 ???

Update. Microsoft took the wraps off Internet Explorer 7 Tuesday, releasing the new "preview" version of its Web browser to the general public for testing.
The program, still a work in progress, is available for download from the Internet Explorer section of Microsoft's corporate Web site, the company said. The company, which began limited testing in July, had promised to deliver a public beta by the end of March.
"The big update is that it's public," said Margaret Cobb, group product manager for Internet Explorer at Microsoft. "All previous releases were limited."

Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Village Circle began as E.I. Incorporated back in 1982 and specialized in "database development" and general "computer support services" for small to medium sized businesses.
Training and personalized support services were added along with a retail hardware department that offered customers custom designed systems built to exact specifications to fit their immediate and long term needs.

Soon after the Internet came into being, Village Circle was created to offer Internet Hosting and Web Site Design and marketing services.

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The rapid pace of change in today's marketplace is challenging companies to become more efficient by down-sizing and outsourcing their information technology needs. Village Circle understands these needs and has developed an extensive network of reliable, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to meet your IT staffing requirements.

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